laupäev, 15. september 2012

Piiter IYP

Kirjutan siia mõned faktid, mille sain Piiteri ja Venemaa kohta üldisemalt IYP-st (In Your Pocket - mis või kes see on, saab lähemalt uurida: ( Loodetavasti keegi ei pahanda, et ma tõlkimise peale aega kulutada ei viitsi :)

* Russian beer (pivo) is good stuff - try locally berwed Nevskoe or Baltica

 * Make always a photocopy of your passport and leave passport to hotel. If police should stop you, then show them photocopy rather than the original

*avoid attracting unwanted attention by not speaking loudly in your mother tounge, or walking in the streets if you have been drinking

* At some places (museums, theatres) foreigners are required to pay 6 to 20 times more than the Russian people

*Health and safety - Russian drivers are your biggest danger, so, cross the road carefully and don't assume, that they will stop just because you are on a zebra crossing!

*If you need to by the local  SIM-card to your mobile phone, you must shw your passport, visa and registration

*Remember, that you have to be registered within 7 days of your arrival in Russia